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Are You Using the 80/20 Rule To be More Productive?

June 26, 2008

You probably heard of the 80/20 rule. It’s the mathematical equation that 20 percent of your efforts bring in 80 of your results.

But if you know this rule already are you using it?

For example if you’ve spent 80 hours at your computer this week only 20% of those hours are going to bring home the best results.

Frightening right? Nobody would intentionally waste that much time but it happening to you right now today.

So, make today the day you’re “Gonna trim the fat” and get rid of that wasted effort.

What you need to do is focus on the 20% that’s bringing home the bacon and stop doing those things that are less productive.


By becoming more focused in you do…

Stop visiting forums unless its research or you genuinely have a problem and need help. Other than that avoid forums, it’s very easy to lose a couple of hours reading and replying to posts. If you need to visit a forum give yourself a time limit of how long you’re going to stay and then when its time up, get out of there!

Avoid the temptation to check your e-mail every few minutes and check out the latest promotions. (The world ain’t gonna end if you don’t buy the next big thing.)

Make a pact with yourself you’ll only read e-mail after you’ve done something productive. Then do a quick scan of the e-mail headlines and pick which ones to read. (Be choosy with what you read)

Pay attention to you web stats. Where is your web site traffic coming from articles/ pay per click / search engines?

Find out where you’re getting the best results and focus on that only forget the rest.

Are you wasting time on a project or website that’s just taking up your time and bringing in results?

Sometimes we can get attached to a particular project emotionally and it can be hard to let it go. But you need to think cold and clinically it hasn’t made any money yet and you’ve given it a fair chance move on and focus on where you are making money. (That is if you are working online to make money?

If it’s a hobby stick with it but don’t let it distract you from what you need to be doing.

These are only a few suggestions; you may find you’re wasting time in other areas than what I suggested. It differs from person to person in that my 20% may be different than your 20%.

But by working and constantly remembering the 80/20 rule you’ll start to reap the benefits in more time to spend with your loved ones enjoying life and a more profitable business. Plus with the extra time you can now work on more projects/ideas that you thought you didn’t have time to do.

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Clickbank Is A Way To Make Money Online

June 26, 2008

by Allison Thompson

Whether one is just getting involved in internet marketing or has been doing it for some time you are going to be looking for ways in which you can make money easily and profitability through the use of affiliate marketing. So you should seriously be considering selling Clickbank products. But Clickbank isn’t actually an affiliate network in the strictest meaning of the words, but rather a place where products are sold and which can be purchased safely by those wishing to buy them.

In a press release sent out by Clickbank just over a year ago they announced that in their first day of trading last year they have managed to take over 1 million dollars worth of sales. Certainly since this time Clickbank have regularly been making sales of more than $1 million each day.

But it is not just the daily sales figures at Clickbank which are so impressive, other statistics relating to Clickbank are proving to be just as impressive and these will give you some idea as to why you may seriously want to consider using Clickbank to provide you with a regular source of income.

1. Clickbank has now more than 1.25 million registered affiliates on their site and of these 100,000 is known as being active, whilst another 12,000 or so are known as publishers.

2. The sales that are taking place on Clickbank are currently running at 30% above those that occurred in 2007.

3. Currently there are more than 35,000 products listed and an additional 30 new ones are being added to this list each and every day.

4. On average the price of the products being sold on Clickbank are $41 and the average rate of commission being paid to affiliate members is 55%.

5. Finally on average nearly 25,000 sales per day are taking place.

Clickbank’s strength lies in the fact that it caters both for affiliates and also publishers and this means that the average customer has the chance to decide whether to promote their own product or to promote someone else’s instead. But really what is making Clickbank such a success is the 70% of sales that are generated by its affiliates. Promoting any one of the many products that are offered by Clickbank is a sure way of being able for you to generate an income quickly.

There are various ways in which you can promote your chosen Clickbank products. The easiest way of all is to set up a blog that offers a review of the product in question along with providing more details about it. Another great way to promote any products that you are selling from Clickbank is to write some articles and submit these to article directories. Remember to utilize the resource box correctly as this is where you place your link to direct those reading the article to your blog or sales page.

Another method that lots of marketers use is to create adverts on pay per click networks such as Google’s Adsense. Certainly once you have been able to master these various techniques then you can be assured of getting a regular income in from those various Clickbank products which you are promoting. However, I wouldn’t personally recommend using this method unless you have had some previous experience of working with Pay Per Click Ads.

Actually being a publisher on Clickbank is not as difficult as you would first imagine. Yes you do need to have something to sell, but any articles you need writing can be outsourced to one of the many specialist writers or you have the choice of purchasing Private Label Rights (PLR) e- books and then change them to make them unique to you. Once these have been listed then you have access to thousands more potential affiliates.

So if you have not tried Clickbank yet, then it is about time that you took a look just to see what they have to offer you.

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Cash Flow Tips-Part 1: Five Easy Ways to Boost Cash Flow During a Slowdown

June 26, 2008

Summer’s here! And with it come thoughts of vacation, relaxation and slowing down.

The effect on most businesses, of course, is that cash flow typically takes a big dip. The looming threat of a recession doesn’t help any either.

But there’s good news. I’ve come up with some tips to help prevent a warm weather cash crunch that may even boost your bottom line.

1.  Ask for your money.

This is a great time to get caught up on your Accounts Receivable and get paid for the work you’ve already done. Review your clients’ accounts and send out statements to remind them that they owe you. 

If you regularly send out statements and still have some slow payers, pick up the phone to give them a friendly nudge. Calling your clients will not only remind them to pay you, but the personal contact from you may remind them that they have more work they’ve been meaning to send your way.  

2.  Invoice your clients promptly.

Riding on the heels of tip #1, be sure to invoice your clients promptly for the work you’ve already done. The longer you wait to send your bill, the longer you’ll have to wait to be paid. Don’t let your client’s “forget” how valuable your services really are. Invoice often and promptly!

3.  Focus on any projects that are nearly done.

If your receivables are in good order, the next quickest way to get money in the door is to finish any projects that are near completion. The sooner you finish them, the sooner you can issue your invoice and the sooner you’ll get paid.

4.  Require a deposit on new projects.

If you have more than your fair share of slow-paying clients, or worse yet, clients who never pay you at all, this is a great time to start weeding out those deadbeats who don’t appreciate your work.

Start charging a 25%-50% deposit up front on new projects coming in. By doing this, you will actually raise your clients’ perception of your professionalism and repel those who don’t truly value your services.

My clients who have had the courage to follow this advice are surprised by the remarkable increase in cash flow, and they are now attracting more high quality, fast-paying clients.

This tactic seems riskier than it really is. If you take the leap of faith, you’ll see an instant increase in cash flow and build a higher quality client base. 

5.  Up-sell, cross-sell, and get referrals from your best clients.

Are your clients aware of the different services (or products) you provide? Send out a personalized letter or greeting card by snail mail to all your best clients.

Tell them about anything new that’s going on in your business, such as your new Web site, a new service offering, etc. Include a separate card that lists all your services and contact information for easy reference. 

Tell your clients how much you enjoy working with them. Mention that you would love more clients just like them, so you’d welcome any referrals they could send your way. 

Just the personal contact from you will usually bring in more business, as well as wake up your clients to the idea of sending you referrals. “Warm and fuzzy” works.

The summertime is a great season to clean up your receivables, weed out less desirable clients, and pull in new business. By implementing these five strategies over the next few months, you’ll not only boost your cash flow in the short term but grow a strong and healthy business for years to come.

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