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Domain Parking – What to use

January 4, 2008

If you have more than 40 domains:

Park most of your domains at Parked for some of the best payouts or apply for account at Sedo and  Active Audience if you expect your domains to make over $50 a week.  All of them have great looking landing pages.  Sedo & SedoPro are recommended for international domains. Active Audience may improve search engine performance of your domains if you use their nameservers, but income there is low.  Consider Traffic Z for nice looking and flexible parking pages. 

If you have less than 40 domains:

Park your domains at Sedo and/or Parked for almost instant results.  Apply for a Gold Key account and try some domains there too.  Some domains do better at Gold Key.  Sedo is best for International traffic.

Sedo and NameDrive use Google/AdWords ads, while Gold Key uses Yahoo/Overture.  Gold Key can provide search engine traffic, and their parking pages look better. 

Parking for Money

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